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Don’t worry! You’ve entered a financial safe space now.

Are you struggling to stay on top of your financial transactions? Are you tired of the stress and hassle of trying to maintain accurate financial records? Are you embarrassed about what you don’t know?

Or perhaps you want to tackle your bookkeeping on your own but you know you need a guide to help you along the way.

I understand that bookkeeping can be a tedious and time-consuming task – not to mention sometimes scary – but I’ve got your back and I’m here to help!

Learn about my services below and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your financial records are in good hands.

Monthly & Quarterly Bookkeeping

Monthly Details

Weekly updates
Monthly Profit & Loss
Monthly 1:1 Calls
Year End Review

quarterly Details

Quarterly updates
Quarterly Profit & Loss
Quarterly 1:1 Calls
Year End Review

bonus Details

Custom financial workbook

Monthly bookkeeping is designed for the entrepreneur that is looking for more up to date financial reporting and typically has a higher monthly financial transaction volume. Businesses that have financial tracking needs (think invoices, sales receipts, bills, contractor payments, etc) should be staying up to date at least monthly.

Quarterly bookkeeping is designed for the part time solopreneur that doesn’t need up to date financials and may have low transaction volume month to month. This is typically freelancers or new businesses that are just starting and don’t have too much going on from the day to day.

Profit First


Profit First Assessment and implementation 


 Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly recurrence options


Quarterly Review of percentages based upon state of revenue

Profit First is a system designed to help you, as an entrepreneur, pay yourself, maintain scalability, and help you manage your cash flow.
I’ve helped my clients get out of $20k in credit card debt, get themselves on a regular draw (“paycheck”) schedule AND save for taxes by implementing Profit First.

In a nutshell, we allocate your revenue based on percentages to various bank accounts dependent on your unique needs. I start with an initial assessment which takes into consideration your existing operating expenses and tax liability. I then take into consideration your short and long term goals and from there determine your allocation percentages.

Quickbooks Implementation


Sales Tax Set Up
Merchant Account Set Up
Product/Service Set Up


Custom Reports
Custom Chart of Accounts


Sales channel syncing (Dubsado, ClickUp, Honeybook, Stripe, etc)

Looking to DIY your bookkeeping, but need help getting started? More power to you! I love helping small business owners take charge of their own bookkeeping and I understand it can be a whole new world to many.

Ensuring your Quickbooks file is set up properly from the start is important in ensuring all the hard work you put into your bookkeeping is accurate. Let me get you set up properly so you know your file is in tip top shape from the start.

Starting at $75

Special Projects


System integrations


Brainstorming Sessions


1099 Processing

Review Services: Looking for another set of eyes to review your work, juuuust to be sure Uncle Same stays happy? I also offer monthly, quarterly and annual review services so you can rest easy at tax time.

Financial System Consulting: Are you looking to implement a new software to your business and need help ensuring your capturing the right info to Quickbooks? Or perhaps you’re looking to start invoicing in a new manner and need help deciding which software to use. I offer consulting hours to help you work on projects as needed. You don’t have to be a bookkeeping client to take advantage of this offer!